Comparison of the Koreas and Globalization since the Civil (Korean) War

Geun-hye, Park. A New Kind of Korea: Building Trust Between Seoul and Pyongyang.Foreign Affairs. Sep/Oct 2011: 13. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 02 May 2012.

Please use this as one source. Please talk about the idea of the stick and carrot method of diplomacy by the South to the North, i.e. strong action when attacked, and against the nuclear threat, and aid when the North is co-operative, all with help from global alias. The Northern regime should feel it can survive without nuclear weapons.
I would also like the paper to reflect how well the South has been doing, including hosting a G-20, since the war, and how poorly the North is doing due to lack of participation in the global community. Perhaps you could use the CIA FactBook as a source for some economic numbers and such.
As for reunification, it is a long shot but it has happened in the last century elsewhere. The source I gave talked about Europe, but I would like the paper to mention not just Western Europe after WWII, but Eastern Europe, joining the fold as well. Mention in the paper that I have traveled often to the Czech Republic in the last decade and have seen extensive change as it has become more and more part of the EU.

That should do it Thank you for your help. David