Comparison of the management of severe and life threatening asthma attacks between the UK and Kenya.

I am medical student and need help writing a protocol. As part of the course I have to undertake an elective. This is a 5 week period where you have the chance to work in an area the interests you, most people use this opportunity to work abroad, although it can be done in the UK. I have chosen to spend 2 weeks in an accidents and emergency department in the UK, and 3 weeks at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi Kenya. The two weeks that I am in the UK will be split one week at Alexandra Redditch Hospital which is a small hospital and one week at the queen Elizabethas Hospital, Birmingham, one of the biggest accidents and Emergency departments in the UK.
As a requirement of the elective we have to do a project which includes a protocol (1000 words) and the project (3000 words). This can either be a reflective project or a data project, I have chosen to do a reflective project with the title
A comparison of the management of severe and life threatening asthma attacks between the UK and Kenya.
In the UK there are guidelines developed by the british thoracic society which based on respiratory rate, peak flow, pulse direct the treatment and the admission into hospital, or if life threatening the intensive care department. I am not sure what guidelines they follow in Kenya, or even if the have guidelines. As part of the protocol here you might want to add that you did a literature review to see if there were any and what they showed.
I am finding it hard to decide how I am going to conduct the reflective project but would be happy for you to think about this and write a protocol that:
a? Demonstrate the ability to plan and design a scheme for investigating questions and/or exploring areas of interest through formal research, audit, service evaluation or reflection on your experience.
a? Demonstrate an awareness of the technical problems which may be encountered in unfamiliar learning environments, and show the flexibility needed to work around them.
a? Demonstrate competence in matching the project approach to (1) the question being asked/area being explored and (2) the learning context
The university have said that you must submit a 1000 word project protocol describing the project and the rationale for undertaking it; making reference to the literature to provide context and support your approach/arguments
(1) Preparation of a feasible protocol describing the aims and objectives of the project, the research methods or reflective approach to be used, supervisor support etc.
The university have also said
Whichever way you choose your project, it must satisfy the following criteria:
a) It will be concerned with a clinical experience demonstrably relevant to the study and/or practice of medicine
b) It will identify some questions that (in principle) can be answered and/or areas that can be illuminated.
c) It will involve reflective approaches that are appropriate to the project.
d) It will be possible to complete the project in the time available
As an example of what is good and what is not they have given
Please be clear about your reasons for project selection. As an example a project in an Australian city is likely to give you, eg, azclinical experience transferrable to year 5aY, it is less likely to give you, eg, experience of a azradically different healthcare environmentaY. The title must be relevant, add to current understanding, and be feasible (can you really a?Compare healthcare in America to healthcare in the UKa? in a month?! Think of a focussed, novel aspect if you can)
The style that it must follow is now described by the university. I am not expecting there to be any ethical approval required. I will obviously fill in student number and any other details e.g hospital names that you are unsure of myself

The first step in your project is to write a protocol. In real life a protocol is part of any submission for funding. It can be a long and complex document in its own right. For the Elective, the protocol is a short outline (2 a 3 pages of A4) of the planned investigation or reflection, and should include the following information.
You MUST include the following headings:
i?? Student ID
i?? Student Name
i?? Title of project
i?? Type of project: ie data collection project or reflective project
i?? Placement details (the hospital/University/laboratory where the project is being undertaken)
i?? Keywords: These should be a succinct version of what the project is about. No more than five azwordsaY please. (Where appropriate, MeSH terms should be used)
i?? Professional development aims
i?? Personal development aims
i?? Project summary (include the justification of your project choice as well as key literature. You MUST reference the protocol. WeaYd expect up to 10 relevant references, from a range of sources including journals.)
Word limit: 1000 words
In the project summary you may want to consider:
Design / Method:
What is the design of the study?
is it laboratory based, focused on clinical observation or community based
is it quantitative or qualitative
What specific methodologies does it employ (e.g. retrospective case Control; grounded theory)
What methods will be used to obtain the information? M4-SSElective-Y11 19
Does it involve observation, structured interviews, laboratory experiments, clinical measurement etc?
Why were the methods chosen?
How does the method fit with the aims and objectives?
How does the method fit with the time / context constraints of the Research
Reflective approach: (reflective projects only) (specifc for my project as I am doing a reflective one not data colletion)
Is this a single azcase studyaY or a comparison?
What reflective approach do you intend to use?
How is this reflective approach justified by the nature of the experience and your current knowledge of the field?
Ethical Approval:
I donat expect that ethical approval will be needed
Health & Safety:
For laboratory based studies in the U.K., you may need to do a COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health) assessment. Guidance on this can be provided by your supervisor.
If you are undertaking your project abroad, it is your responsibility to obtain permission in good time from the person who will be the local supervisor. Also to ensure that any equipment required will be working and available for use.
What resources will you need?
Do you intend to distribute questionnaires?
What is your estimate of the cost of printing, postage etc? NOTE: the Medical
School does NOT undertake to cover such costs. M4-SSElective-Y11 20
What are your computer needs? You should already be Computer literateon Apple Macs and/or PCs. If you are going to need access, check the availability of computer facilities at the local site where your project data will be obtained.
Protocol Format
The protocols must be 1000 words, typed, must be referenced, must not exceed 3-4 pages of A4 and should use a font size of 10 12 point.
The protocol will be reviewed as part of your final assessment. If problems are foreseen with the project when the protocol is scrutinised*, this will be discussed with you, the student, individually.
*Protocol review: After submission your protocol will be scrutinised by a member of the
Elective committee, and given:
a green (all good to go),
amber (some clarification or extra info requested) or
red (serious concerns) rating.
You will be notified of what you need to clarify/add/do in the event of our needing that
information. Once a project is deemed green, you may progress to the next stage.