Comparison of the study of emotions in two disciplines

Library Research: A comparison of the study of emotions in two disciplines

This assignment is a comparative study of disciplinary cultures. As such, representative journal articles from two different fields will serve as your data, with which you will try to discern what types of questions the disciplines ask and answer in their research on emotions. Different disciplines regard distinct types of information as important, relevant, and worthy of empirical investigation. Thus, the bodies of knowledge that they produce about the same subject will vary in significant ways. For your midterm paper, you will be coding a set of journal articles from two different disciplines, based on which components or determinants of emotion they focus on, in order to see the ways that the disciplines differ in what they mean by the emotions.

First, choose two different disciplines that have an interest in the study of emotions. Possibilities include, but are not limited to, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, and Psychiatry

Next, pick one particular emotion (anger, shame, etc.) to focus on. For each of your chosen disciplines, find TEN journal articles about that emotion. If you cannot find enough articles on a single emotion, then use articles about a similar emotion.

The articles that you choose should be published within the past 40 years in flagship, peer-reviewed journals within the fields a look for studies that are examples of mainstream research in each discipline, not fringe or interdisciplinary work. Some good journals to use are:
a? Anthropology: American Ethnologist, American Anthropologist, Cultural Anthropology.
a? Psychology: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, American Psychologist, Psychological Bulletin.
a? Sociology: American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review.

Read and code each article according to what types of questions or parameters about the emotion are privileged by the researchers. Use the seven aspects (environmental determinants, self-appraisal, somatic phenomenology, affective phenomenology, social appraisal, self-management, communication) as the basis for your coding, but if you find another component of emotion present as a focus in the research, please include it in your discussion as well.

Write a paper of describing the differences in the ways in which the emotion is understood and studied in each of your chosen disciplines. Your paper should also include a section describing how you selected or found the sample of articles that you used in your study.