Comparison of thinprep needle rinse samples versus direct smear techniques for fine neddle aspiration biopsies of head and neck lesions

Fine neddle aspirations are performed for head and neck lesions as well as direct smears. Head and neck lesions are thyroid, salivary glands, lymph nodes and soft tissue .Articles should be crirically reviewed for diagnostic materials on them. Diagnosis ,which reported for each case was based on the conventional cytopreparatory technique,or Thinprep technique or based on both technique,this is very important point.
When the biopsies are taken, radiologist prepares conventional smears then whatever left in the needle they rinse it in cytoloyte solution , from this Thinprep slide prepared .Some other articles they mention is that radiologist use second pass neddle to prepare Thinprep slide, this should be mention in this critical review, and also in the critical review cost effectiveness of both cytopreparatory technique should be mentioned.i have got some good articles ,I can attach them if required
All sources must be referenced and Harvard style. all articles cited should be criticall reviewed