Comparison of two film adaptations of a single work of written literature

Your paper will be a comparison of two adaptations of a single work of written literature. Instead of comparing a film to the original text, you will be determining which of the two is a better movie adaptation and then explaining why one is better than the other. Some things to think about are when the adaptation was created, how close or loose the film is to the original (and why that matters), and what has been altered or added or deleted from the story. What are some of the filmic elements used to tell the story in each film? How well do they work? Has the focus changed at all?

Obviously, you dont need to answer all of the questions above. The overall point of this paper is to use what you have learned about film adaptation and compare two versions of the same story.

As with any paper, you will need to follow manuscript form: 1.5 spacing, a readable font-and include a thesis statement.