Comparitive paper between the bible and the quran

Comparative paper about the Bible and the Quran

1) Neutral Language
2) Brief intro about the 2 texts.
3) Thesis that states what you will be arguing about ( please highlight the thesis
4) We need only need to write about ONE theme/aspect from the 2 texts
5) It s better to write about the ship story that occurred to Noah in the two texts, (which should be our theme in the story)
6) Both sides of story.
7) 1 One unifying argument.
8) What was the lesson/the message that we learned about the ship story from the two texts, similarities and differences? And what is the significance of the differences between the texts.
9) Please don t number the differences and the similarities between the two texts. Instead, try to relate with them using words, and use the best topic sentence that will explain our paragraph very well.

Here is the link that will help to find what you need for the paper, the instructor gave it to me, and told me to use it.

You can still use the same bible book you used for the paper you wrote before, but I hope this link might help you.

It is also fine to use the same Quran edition that you used before..