Comparitive political systems questions on the government and constitutions of chile

These are some questions that we have to answer .. its from the subject called Comparitive political systemswe are focusing on different countries and i was assigned to research chile and answer the questions on them. each topic has about 6 questions and we have to write minimum of 120 words per topic. e.g on regime type we have to answer the 5 questions in about 120 words.

Regime Type: (6 points)
-Is the state parliamentary, presidential or semi-presidential?
-If the state is parliamentary, how is the cabinet formed?
-If the state is parliamentary, is there a figure head leader, and if so, what is their role?
-If the state is presidential, are there term limits?
-If the state is presidential, what types of powers does the president wield?
-If the state is semi-presidential, what is the division of power?

Legislative Branch: (6 points)
-Is the legislature unicameral or bicameral?
-If the legislature is bicameral, how are powers divided between the two houses?
-Does the constitution discuss a committee system?
-How is the speaker of the legislature chosen?
-What is the power relationship with the executive?

Elections and Electoral System: (6 points)
-Does the constitution discuss the electoral system, and if so, what is the system?
-Are legislative seats provided for specific groups?
-How often are elections held for various offices?

Rights and Freedoms: (6 points)
-Are there any group-based rights?
-Which types of groups are protected in the constitution?
-Are specific linguistic, religious and ethnic-based rights guaranteed by the state?
-Are economic rights guaranteed by the state?

it has to be in our own words.. but we need to add the site that we used to find the information.. footnotes is a good way of doing it ..
Please make sure everything is cited as this is a very critical and important issue and i could get into serious problem.