Comparsion Essay)(Please help me to decide,Thanks)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Nice to meet you.
I am going to write a comparsion essay which about the community.
And I have to write the essay based on few readings and compare Communitywithin those readings.

Actually I have an essay instruction sheet which I will attach to you also.
The instruction sheet contains all the information needed for the essay.
There are names of four different readings on the instruction sheet, but we just have to choose two readings to compare in the essay.
For the quotes and sources, we only have to use those sources or quotes from the two readings which I have chosen.
I want to ask that could you have access to get those readings and help me to do the comparsion essay?
If you cannot get two of them, I may try to scan and send two of readings to you in order to do the essay.
For the quotes, please use as much different technique as possible as you can cee, the quotes and documentation both count extra five marks. Also, remember we just have to find the information and quote from two readings which we have chosen , no outside sources is required.

And for the level of essay, please do not use so difficult word or sentence since I am scare my teacher will know that its not my work.The level is around kind of college level. Thanks so much.

For now, first of all, we have to discuss that could you get those readings from instruction sheet.

Anyway, thanks so so much for your attention and help.
Take care.
And wait for your reply.
If have any questions, please feel free to send email to me or just give me a call.

Best Regards,
Kenny Ho