Compeleted the part D&E of the whole essay

This assignment is part of the individual portfolio which consists of five Parts
(Parts A, B, C, D & E). Parts A, B & C are completed in Term 1, whilst Parts D & E are completed at the end of Term 2. This assignment is an individual piece of work, to be completed independently.
I have already finish the part 1 which included ABC of the assignment and you need to read the part 1 to compeleted the part2 which within D&E
PART D: Place & Service
Following on from Part B, using the same product again, your must now identify the supply chain and distribution channels for your product. If you have not already done so, choose a manufacturer of your product and complete the following tasks:
(1) Briefly outline the concepts of supply chains and distribution channels with reference to theory.

(2) Identify and describe the supply chain and distribution channels for your chosen manufacturer using evidence from secondary sources. Depict the supply chain and distribution channels using a flow diagram*.

(3) Identify the service aspects of your product and recommend service improvements that are related to its distribution channel. Justify why you think these improvements are necessary.

*Diagrams must be constructed from MS Office Word drawing tools, for example, using text boxes and arrows . Inserted (generic) images of supply chains or distribution channels are not permitted.

Assessment Criteria
a? Student demonstrates understanding of supply chain and distribution channel concepts
a? Diagram(s) are supported with appropriate evidence from secondary sources
a? Service improvement recommendations flow logically from the analysis

PART E: Reflective Statement (350 words)
Please reflect on what you have learnt from your Marketing & Business Operations lectures this term. Comment on how this learning has helped you contribute to developing the business idea for the integrated assignment task. Looking back at your contribution this term, consider and comment on would you would do differently and/or improve upon.
Assessment Criteria
a? Students show they are applying their learning from the module lectures to the integrated assignment task and reflecting on their academic performance.

Other Requirements
Assignment should contain no spelling or grammatical errors and be presented in a professional manner.
Ensure each page of your assignment is labelled with the title of the assignment, your name, ID no. and lecture group no.
Maximum words 800 in total EXCLUDING diagrams, tables and the reflective statement. Please state the word count at the end of your assignment.
Use the Harvard referencing system
No appendices are allowed.
The Individual portfolio is worth 50% of the overall mark for the Module. All Parts (A, B, C, D and E) are weighted equally.
Each assignment should be submitted (on single sided A4 sheets with 1.5 line spacing) by hand to Undergraduate Administration on Level 2, Galton by the deadline.