Compensation and benefit strategy of an organization

Students will use Cash1 the company to find an experiencing challenge with its compensation and/or benefit program. Such challenges could include high rate of employee turnover, inability to recruit talented employees because of the lack of proper compensation, inability to fund an adequate benefit program, an incentive program where few employees reach their objectives, or a retirement system that is not funded adequately or does not offer proper investment choices. These are some examples where challenges exist within the organizations compensation and benefit plan. Your paper will be graded according to how well you meet the following tasks:

Follow proper APA style/citations, grammar and punctuation, etc

Use Cash One as the organization to research. (or benefit challenge. Explain why you have selected this strategy.
Discuss any impediments to this strategy, including any contingency plans that should be considered.

Finally, specifically detail how the strategy you propose would address the organizations challenge (as detailed in #2 above) and its impact on both the organization and the employee. Include specific items that should be included in the action plan.