Compensation and reward systems used in todays companies in the UAE

A research paper is required on a topic related to contemporary management issues. the paper should not be less that 16 pages typed and double spaced. All references must be cited in a bibliography in the paper. Not appropriate for these sources are news paper articles, Articles from popular magazines, interviews or non-referred internet sources.

Research Topic:-
Compensation and Reward Systems Used in Todays Companies in The UAE

Research Paper will Include The Following Elements:-
-Provide UAE Company as case study-By your choice.
-Provide a good example that illustrates HRs Role in formulating and executing company strategy.
-Focus on a practical applications of HR concepts (Policies, Functions, Roles, Systems).
Justify HR functions in measurable contributions.

Kindly note that these direction should be followed:-
Page 1-Title Page(no page number)
Page 2-Abstract(no page number)
page 3-Table of contents(no page number)
page 4-Introduction to paper (page number 1)

The research paper should have 5 section:-
section A. Introduction–outline purpose of the paper and present hypothesis of paper.
Section B. Literature Review–review the theories, theorists, models or principles that are connected to the topic of the paper.
Section C. Analyses–compare and contrast of the theories, principles or models that are presented in the Literature Review.
Section D. Conclusion–relevant information to serve as a conclusion of the paper.

Note:A Power point presentation should be abstracted from the research paper.