Comperative essay of the essay shooting an elephant, a pro-indian colonialist speech of Churchill and a speach of a con-indian colonialism speech

This is an extanded essay. A single speech of pro indian colonialist like Churchill, a single speech of against-indian colonialist speech and the essay of Shooting an elephantshould be compared.(the speechs should be originally english since languages are compared)The comparison should iclude language, meaning, mood, persuasion technique and everything can be included rationally. one should scrutinize these literal peaces very meticulously.
The writer should prevent the use of very fancy words since it is an 12 grader paper.
the suitable contracting speeches of Churchill and indian leader like Ghandi should be used as a referece since the whole essay is based on two speech and one essay. The political backround when the speeches have been delivered could also be included.