Competitor analysis of wedding companies in London

This is a part of business plan for the wedding company. I am not sure about how many sources i need. I need references about all websites from where figures will be taken etc. Therefore every information need a reference. I need competitor analysis of wedding companies in London. The question: 1. who is doing destination and cross cultural weddings, who is doing it online in London.
2. The main luxury wedding planners in London.
3. The benefits of these companies
4. What they do in their social media networks (do they have youtube, instagram etc).
5. To create a very simple table with how many followers they have on instagram and other social media. After the conclusion which is the most used one.

Added on 19.03.2015 16:35
Also i need the analyze of market conditions: how big it is, how much is it growing, how fast is it growing and what is its profit potential.
I have specific Harvard referencing at the University. Please find attached the information about referencing