Completing the dissertation IMPROVING CONSTRUCTION SAFETY IN SAUDI ARABIA methodology and a section in the literature review

This section should be in two parts:
Part 1: (1500 words) is completing of the literature review with a name called
a?Health and safety law in Saudi Arabia
as a completing to the literature Review which should clear and strong. To give a view to the Law in Saudi in regard to the health and safety issue in the construction industry.
as I said before I need only 1500 words for the health and safety law in Saudi Arabiaas a complete to the previous order number # 509426, which you did previously.
I did not like any information about the performance of the Saudi construction as it is outside of topic.
And also, I need an updated information to the situation in the safety Law.
part 2: The Methodology(3000 words)
the Methodology need to be explain clearly who is the method for this dissertation will following, as I like the quantitative method However, you can add in point you like
1The Data collection needs to be clear to show who is the Target for this dissertation. And the way of collecting data
2. the analysis of the data How it is going to be as it is very important to be discuss in clear way, Why I choose this way and what should I think about this the way. for example quantitative method if you want, what is the advantage and disadvantage of this method.
3. Research Design (survey and questionnaire) I need the questionnaire to be coming from minimum 3 different references. I do not want the questionnaire to be come from one reference that not good. you could paraphrase questionnaire if you want to do a new questionnaire, but adopting should be from different sources.
4. Questionnaire Design: you need to explain the procedure for the questionnaire design how to connect it to the literature review; I need you to build the questionnaire based on the literature review.
5. Sample size: need to be clear.
6. Please, plagiarism is a big problem in my university.
7. I will complete the dissertation with you after you finish the methodology but know please make only this two parts a?health and safety law in Saudi Arabiaand the methodology