Compose a focused research paper of that traces Poundas influence in a particular way

Introduction: Ezra Pound is arguably the most influential literary figure of the 20th century (and perhaps of all time). He composed not only the epic poem The Cantos but also published articles on poetry, economics, and many other topics. However, he was also a controversial figure as well and I would not presume to order you to a?likea? him. However, I do feel that one should understand his place in the history of American literature, espeically American poetry.

Supplemental Information: The parameters are broad on this one. The obvious influences are seen in Eliot, Frost, HD, and other modernists; however, do not be afraid to look at how Pound has influenced such postmodern writers as Allen Ginsberg and the beat poets, deep imagist poet Robert Bly, and many others. Of course, you might also choose to focus on Poundas influence on post-modern poetics, in general.