Composer report(Bela Bartor(1881-1945) Hugerian)

i will assign each student in the class the name of specific composer from the history of music. the studnents task is to then writhe a short paper that summarizes the biography, artistic development, as well as the highlights of that particular compoers life. the emphasis should be placed on their creative output; who were their major influences and inspirations, what were their most important works(personally, as well as cretically), and the stylistic shcanges that may have occured over the cource of their career. the biographical facts should be kept brief and relevant to what they did later in life as artists and educators. for instance, as a youth they may have heard a particular peice, discovered the work of a particular composer, or studied with a teacher who mad a profound and lasting inpression on them.
it has to use these sources.

1) historical, biographical, and autographical books on music range 42-43
2) reference books
A. the new grove dictionaly of music and Musician edited by stanly sadie(second edition), volume 1-29
B. the oxford history of western music by richard taruskin, volumes 1-6(in chronological order)
c. bakers biographical dictionaly of musicians contennial edition, complied by nicolas slonimsky, volume 1-6
d. heritage of music oxford university press 1989, volume 1-4