Comprehensive Classroom Management Plan

How I Will Intervene When Problems/Crises Arise:
? Discuss the theoretical bases for your approach.
? Discuss why your method of applying consequences is consistent and fair while avoiding
favoritism or bias.
? Discuss how you will work with individual students to correct misbehavior, (e.g., behavioral
strategies such as behavior contracting, how you will address cultural differences and/or
learning ability differences, and how you will use problem solving (i.e., the steps you will
follow as standard procedure) and social-cognitive skills training.
? Discuss how and when you will bring the group into the problem solving process.
? Discuss how you will intervene and respond to reports of bullying.

How I Will Build My Students Social Decision Making Skills over the Long-term:
? Discuss how you will teach students about positive social decision-making.
? Discuss how you will prepare students for transitions in the daily schedule (e.g., lunch
periods, physical education periods, club periods, library periods) that reveal how well they
have internalized pro-social norms.
? Discuss how you will use the curriculum and/or instructional strategies to help students
develop stronger social decision-making skills, empathy, caring, responsibility, and respect
while reducing bullying.