Comprehensive exam mental health adminstration

Exam Instructions
1.Be sure to fully answer all of the questions in the exam.
2.Follow any additional instructions provided in the exam.
3.Each answer will be graded on the following: Addressed all parts of the question in a comprehensive manner. (Content)
Demonstrated knowledge of concepts and theory of the specific area of specialization. (Theory)
Responded to the case study with the tone, expertise, and manner of a professional. (Practice)
Referenced at least two relevant and scholarly sources. (Research)
Supported the response by connecting details from the case study with concepts or theory, analysis, and/or recommendations. (Critical thinking)
Organized the response by including a central theme, a clear, logical, and easy to follow structure, appropriate tone, and good mechanics. (Writing and Organization)

Examination Questions
Please address the following questions in 1,000 words per question. Make sure you respond to all the components of each question.

1. Conduct a literature review (6-8 articles) regarding mental health problems among school-aged children and adolescents (grades K-12). Identify two common mental health concerns for this specific population, along with two evidence-based interventions that have been found effective in improving mental health functioning with such clients. Identify a current program at BCMHC that would be best suited to oversee these new services and offer a rationale for the program you select. (Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 4, 6)