Comprehensive geriatric assessment paper

the specifics seem long but its just 8 pages.I will do the first part of the paper by myself.any problem areas that you come up with, I will incorporate them in the other half of the paper which will be written by me.If you are not able to do an assessment on an elderly peson,just make up the problem areas most elderly peeople have, and develop the paper from there. Please use genuine nursing research journals and articles,else the paper will not be graded in my school.
Paper should be APA format, 8 pages. Paper includes title page, abstract, and reference page. Citations of original works within the body of the paper follow APA guideline. References(Nursing journals)should be from 2006 till present.(4).
Identifies manifestations of chronic illness and aging. Actual problems and risk factors should be identified and analyzed as they affect the individualas functioning and quality of life Completes a comprehensive cognitive and functional assessment to identify areas where daily life can be improved . Identify the impact aging has on the individual and their ability to cope with those changes. Discusses the personas use of coping mechanisms in dealing with these changes as either positive or negative.Utilizes current geriatric literature to support common feelings and coping mechanisms experienced by the geriatric population. Identification of 2 main problem areas. Utilizes research to support the use of the 2 main problem areas for the geriatric person. 2 nursing diagnosis for each of the main problem areas (total of 4) including goals, 4 interventions, and rationales.Supports interventions with current research. Provides rationales for interventions using evidenced based practice research.
formulate a plan of care to assist the older adult in meeting the many challenges of aging in a positive and creative way. In addition, the student nurse should identify problems that have implications for nursing research related to the care of the geriatric population. This research should be used to support the student nurseas plan of care, interventions, and rationales.