Comprehensive view of the field of counseling:

Week 8) that covers the following themes (which should be headings within the body of your paper):
1. Brief History and Development of this aspect of the Counseling Field in general
2. Introduction of your topic and its importance to the field of counseling
3. Major themes relevant to your topic (Include at least five aspects of your topic and describe them)
4. A discussion of the important elements of counselor identity, function, and ethics related to your topic
5. Biblical values and insights related to your topic
6. Personal reflections (this is the only section of the paper that can be written in the first person) about this topic and a discussion of your commitment to provide biblically grounded, ethical, and empirically based counseling services

For your Research Paper, choose one of the following topics that represent a comprehensive view of the field of counseling:
1. History and trends in counseling
2. Personal and professional aspects of counseling
3. Ethical and legal aspects of counseling
4. Multicultural society
5. Counseling and diversity
6. Counseling relationship
7. Working in the relationship
8. Termination
9. Theory
10. Types of therapy
11. Groups
12. Consultation
13. Evaluation and research
14. Testing, assessment and diagnosis in counseling
15. Career counseling over the life span
16. Marriage, couple and family counseling
17. Professional school counseling
18. College counseling and student life services
19. Abuse and disability counseling
20. Mental health and community counseling
Counseling is a dynamic, ever-evolving, and exciting profession that deals with human tragedy and possibility in an intensive, personal, and caring way. It is a profession dedicated to prevention, development, exploration, empowerment, change, and remediation in an increasingly complex and chaotic world(Gladding, 2009, p.iii).
Gladding, S. T. (2009). Counseling: A comprehensive profession. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
Detailed information about the Research Paper can be found in the Assignment Instructions>Research Paper folder.