Computer-assisted cardiovascular surgery

Proposal evaluating a procedure: the introduction should describe the procedure to be evaluated and a clear outline of the proposal. Include a statement explaining why the procedure is significant. Then critically evaluate the procedure, for example by discussing its applications and implementation, costs/benefits etc and drawing on relevant articles and reports in the field. Should conclude by identifying potential areas of further development or research.

The review consist: the purpose of the review (background information, justify the study by showing what has been done before and what has not been done and what you plane to investigate.

writing the paper:
1. background introduction: definition, why this is an important topic
2. general summary of what is currently known: what have different researchers achieved? what did they develop? Reports of studies directly related to the topic should discussed in more detail, including information such as how the technology was developed, give brief critical comments on the studies reviewed e.g the methodology, things the studies did not consider. Studies that have shown similar findings should be grouped together. What are the current problems/areas that have not been investigated enough or where the current findings are inconclusive.
3. conclusion: the conclusion should briefly summarise what is known about this topic. it should then state what are the limitations of the current research or aspects that need further investigations (gap statement). Note that the gap statement needs to relate clearly to your previous discussion. Conclude by identifying specific aspects that need further investigation.
4. List of references: all sources mentioned in your paper must also appear in the list of references at the end of your assignment.

The paper should be around 2000 words