Computer book name(discovering computers 2005) writer shelly Cashman series

That s my assignment and very short question answers. but you have to use my book Web Site this site and click chapter 9 then click learn it online activity #1 at the Movies watch and then complete the answer. and activity #13 in the news same this chapter 11

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Answers for Chap 10 At the Movies  Britain ID Cards Debate:
1. What type of data would need to be stored on the ID Cards?
2. If entitlement cards are issued only to those who request them, how effective do you think they will be? Explain your answer.
3. When did Britain have ID cards? Who stopped them and when?
4. List 2 problems mentioned about the cards:

Answers for the Chap 10 In the News:
1. Who requested JetBlue s database?
2. How was the database to be used?
3. In your opinion, was a law broken? Why or why not?
Answers for the Chap 11 At the Movies  SPAM Wars:
1. What is the number and name of the proposed bill?
2. What does the bill require e-mailers to do
3. Who bears the cost of spam?
Answers for the Chap 11 Scavenger Hunt:

1. What are the virus name and year of the first virus attack?

2. What is SSL? Indicate what the letters stand for and describe what it does.

3. What is WRAM? Indicate what the letters stand for and describe what it is.

4. List the names of three encrypted email providers:

5. Name and describe at least three computer virus myths or hoaxes.
1) Name: Description:
2) Name: Description:
3) Name: Description: