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Please answer each question. Where it says show the work, please show the work.
Part II. Essay questions a 10 questions,

Answer the questions succinctly and clearly, explain your answer, and show your work. Answers, even if right but without an explanation, will get no credit. The explanations need to be brief, but complete, logical, and to the point. Do not quote anybody else, use your own words. Answer in the space provided or add lines if really needed. Do not change the question numbers. Misplaced questions/answers earn no credit.

1. A simple character printer could use programmed I/O reasonably well, since the printer speed is slow compared to the CPU. Yet most modern printers use DMA. Why?

2.What are the criteria that define the von Neumann architecture?

3. Explain the basic principles of vector graphics and raster graphics.

4. Convert the following numbers from decimal to binary and then to hexadecimal: (please show all your steps)
a) 462.317
b) 5473.47551

5. Perform the following subtraction operation in the Binary Number System: 15 a 28. (these are decimal numbers)

6. Reduced instruction set computers provide a large number of general-purpose registers and very few memory access instructions. Most instructions use registers instead of memory. What are the advantages of such architecture?

7. What character string does the following binary ASCII code represent?
1110100 1101000 1101001 1110011 0100000 0101001 1010011 0100000 1100101
1100001 1110011 1111001 0100001

8. Write a Little Man program that accepts three values as input and produces the smallest of the values as output.

9. Look up Moores Law on the Internet. What does it predict the processor speed to be in 2 years? Has it accurately predicted the processor speeds in the past?

10.If a photographic image requires 6 bytes per pixel to produce 32 million shades of color.
a) How large video memory is required to store a 640 x 480 image during display? A 1024 x 768 image? A 1280 x 1024 image?
b) How many 1024 x 768 color images will fit on a CD-ROM?