Computer science and information technology major personal statement

Prompt #1:
What is your intended major? Discuss how your interest in the subject developed and describe any experience you have had in the field a such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities a and what you have gained from your involvement.

My uncle was installing an electronic passcode lock in our house when my grandmother asked me to observe and learn how to do it. Being traditional, she said it is menas obligation to know all these. It became a force that put me into electronics. I noticed that the lock had brought me a lot of convenience, as we never had to bring the key again. I started to dream about owning a smart house where electronics will do everything for us, such as tasks scheduling, voice commanding, decisions making, etc. After I came to the U.S., I have seen people using iPhone to dim lights in their houses. I realized my dream is actually achievable, yet this is not enough. I want houses that are even a?smartera?, and I wish one day everyone can own one of these houses. I want to customize my own smart house instead of those that exists already. Looking back to the past, I know that my dream had come closer when I got to use computers.

The first time I use computer I use it to play games only. I started to play a Japanese web game (livly) in 2005. By occasion the game allowed me to customize my own homepage with HTML. I started to write simple HTML for my page. Eventually, I spent more time exploring the World Wide Web and discovered that there are programming languages for web pages which can do more than a markup language. I managed to read a book about PHP4 and MYSQL which I borrowed from the library. Although I was not knowledgeable to understand everything, I read through the whole book and tried my best to understand whatas inside. At the same time, the achievement in writing simple Visual Basic code in high school encouraged me even more to explore the computer field.

A very special experience came to me in 2009. I participated in a regional championship of the Worldskills Competition in Office and. I am glad that Iave learnt a lot in the field of software application from the training course I have taken. I was allowed to explore Microsoft Office in a deeper level by implementing VBA and the built-in library functions in Microsoft Excel. A year after I participated in another competition among Hong Kong and Macau. I got a chance to take the CCNA discovery course certified by Cisco. It was my first time to know about networking practically. I learnt theories in network protocols and Ethernet, and tried to make Ethernet cables with RJ-45 jacks and CAT-5 wires. These two courses have strengthened my concept towards software and network and raised my interest in computer.

A tour to the Microsoft and Ciscoas Hong Kong headquarters were given after the competition. We were invited to experience the Cisco Telepresence, a HD video conference device. The realness of the device was incredible. It reminded me of my dream house, which also allows me to meet my friends with the Telepresence and all other VoIP devices. After that, a staff showed us the feature of the VoIP phone which can control the curtain in the room; the day I achieve my dream is not far.

Soon after, I got a chance to learn about hardware. It was a summer camp event that introduced hardware/circuitry-level operations to me. At this point, I yearned to know more about hardware as it is the part which allows software to perform all the a?magica?. In the camp, I tried to write simple VHDL codes into a circuit board to simulate the display LED of a vendor machine. Also, I have tried to solder a simple circuit LED-dice controlled by an IC. I felt the achievement in understanding the truest operations inside a computer, and I understood that hardware is the foundation of software and everything. This is why I decided to do EECS (or Computer Engineering) instead of pure CS. I believe with the knowledge from the Universities of California, I can soon influence the worldas value on technology and save their time in doing some tasks that can be done by computers in a shorter time.

Prompt #2:
Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you are?

In my early childhood, I used to live with my grandmother. I would always ask questions about everything I feel interested. There was once we went out to the supermarket. When we lined up to pay, I saw some condoms in front of the counter. I asked my grandmother what that was. Being embarrassed, she just told me it was some candies. Eventually, I only knew what it is when I have grown up.

As I got older, my grandmotheras answers wouldnat satisfy me anymore. I satisfied myself by asking questions in school. There were a lot of materials taught by our teachers that I didnat understand. My classmates wouldnat ask so many questions when they didnat understand. It turned out that some of the people felt annoyed by me. However, I truly know that I havenat done anything wrong. I didnat regret for asking questions in school.

Knowing technology is what I want to pursue in my life, I decided to come to the United States. At De Anza, I feel like asking more questions because people here are nicer; most of them donat mind if I ask too many questions. This environment has allowed me to explore more and satisfied my curiosity. It also let me improve my communication skill.

Being a tutor at De Anza, I learnt how to turn my understanding into explanation. In the past when my friends asked me academic questions, I didnat know how to explain even though I understood everything. I noticed that to convey what I know to explanations is a challenge. Having enough practice, I finally improved my communication skills. I believe it is going to help me in group projects in universities as I think teamwork is important in the field of Computer Engineering.