Computer science and information technology

Follow the instructions they ask, most are doing a paragraph others are to do an email. Also you have to answer the questions that are all the way down but only put the number and the answer, Im going to put the questions in my personalized order tracking area


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Write a paragraph summary for your professor that explains the major responsibilities of the different positions discussed in the video. Also point out which area you would be most interested in learning more about. Submit your paragraph to your professor.

Chapter 2.3

Visit SAP is a global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider. Have a look at the various industries and solutions that the company offers. Specifically, choose three industries to review. Look for similarities and differences.

Write a paragraph for your instructor detailing how this single company provides so many solutions based on its single platform. Be sure to bring IT alignment into your thoughts for your summary.

Watch this 5-minute video and consider the trends. Specifically, consider the difference in IT growth and IT professionals to work in the area and the amount of data that is not secure or only minimally secure. Now imagine that your parents own their own business. It is successful, but struggling under pressure to upgrade IT services for their employees and customers. What could you say that would help them look ahead to the future rather than staying in the past?
Write an e-mail to your parents to explain to them what is likely to happen over the next 10 years. What do you think they should do to plan for the next 10 years? What qualities should they look for in new employees? What training should they submit current employees to? What should the purpose of data governance be in their 10-year plan?

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