Comtemporary nursing issue: Diversity in the nursing work force.

Review of Assignment III:
Each student will select one issue and write a 5-8 page paper describing the basis/causes for its existence, consequences/challenges, and potential resolutions. The paper must utilize the APA format for scholarly writing. Refer to Moodle for a list of potential topics and guidance on writing.

The paper must include the following:
1. Define the issue and the scope of the issue. 20%
2. Examine briefly the relevant laws or ethical principles as they relate to nursing. 20%
3. Briefly describe challenges and opportunities to nursing inherent in the issue. 20%
4. Explore 3-4 sources on the issue as it relates to nursing practice and health care. 20%
5. Organization, focus, grammar, word choices, and punctuation. 5%
6. APA format & citations 5%
TOTAL 100%