Concept analysis of loneliness for a graduate nursing program in 5th edition APA format

The actual analysis of the concept loneliness is carried out through a scholarly graduate level nursing paper in APA format, & the review of the literature, which should consist of a minimum of 5 scholarly references, & a minimum of 3 must be scholarly research articles. Dictionary definitions are not considered required references but should be cited & referenced. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. Use a variety of sources in the search. Use of classic & primary sources on lonliness concept is encouraged (ie-nursing theorist Hildegard Peplau Interpersonal Relation theory for the loneliness concept would work well for literature & studies that use Peplaus work). Research articles should be from varied fields if applicable to loneliness concept, however, scholarly nursing researc should be included if it is available.
I. Requirements–1) Aim or Purpose of Analysis (Introduction): a) Choose loneliness concept in relations to the psychiatric nurse who works with elderly clients who suffer from increased loneliness which leads to increased thoughts of suicide and/ suicidality in the nursing home, thus leading to increased admissions to an acute inpatient geriatric psychiatric hospital unit. In the introduction of the paper describe the loneliness concept being analyzed using a model case summary, scenario, poem or narrative (choose only one). Folllow with a brief summary which speaks to the significance of the concept loneliness. Explain in depth why this concept of loneliness is important to the psychiatric nurse who works with geriatric patients. b) Discuss experiences, beliefs of this phenomenon of interest prior to conducting the analysis (loneliness as a cause of misery for humans and an increase in physical & psychological illness for the geriatric client–loneliness related to increased depression, suicidal thoughts, & increase in physical ill health of heart disease for ie. & how this phenomenon of what entails loneliness in relation to nursing care of the geriatric patient in the institutional setting). Also, an appendix of one page will be included based on this paper on loneliness concept (a diagram of a box with arrows showing relationship of the loneliness concept in what is called a concept map and the paper should refer to this concept map on occasion). 2) Uses of the Concept: Definitions of Loneliness: Provide at least 5 definitions of the loneliness concept found in the literature review. Include various sources such as standard dictionaries, medical-nursing dictionaries, theoretical narratives, & research/measurement sources (such as the UCLA Loneliness scale for ie.). Compare (differences & similarities) the definitions either as you present them or provide a summary. Dictionary definitions are only a starting point. Present & discuss definitions from relevant professional literature. Describe/define the related concepts (aloneness, solitude, lonesomeness, desolation, solitariness for ie.) in this section of the paper. Discuss the confusion n the literture and the need for concept analysis.
3) Defining Attributes/Characteristics: a) Define & list as well as discuss all of the defining characteristics found in the literature; b) Discuss how the defining criteria have been validated or demonstrated in research. Remember–How was the concept measured? Have tools been developed to measure the phenomena? The list of all defining characteristics appears in this section of the paper. Should be included in the model case later.
4) Cases: Model case and a related case are required. Describe 2 client cases & provide a short summary of how each exemplifies the presence or absence of the defining criteria for model, related, borderline & contrary cases. When presenting the model case bold the defining characteristics, underline the antecedents & use italics for the consequences. Indentify the sources of definition of cases.
5) Antecedents: Define & list, as well as discuss all of the antecedents found in the literature. Which are the most relevant tgo the anlaysis of the concept loneliness.
6) Consequences: Define & list all of the consequences found in the literature. What is the significance of these consequences.
7) Conceptual Definitions & Operational Definitions (Empircal Referents)–(Both Required): Includes measures of concept loneliness and include examples of actual measurement (ie-UCLA Loneliness Scale would work here).
II. Application to Nursing: Discuss from literature the use of the concept loneliness in nursing practice (include psychiatric nursing), education and research.
III. Conceptual Map of Loneliness: The conceptual map should represent the use of the concept loneliness researched within a mid-range nursing theory–use Hildegard Peplaus Interpersonal Relationship Theory here. This conceptual map will be a focus point in a poster & power point presentation.
IV. APA Format: 9 typed papers before the reference list (a reference list must be included in current 5th edition APA format & if possible, a copy of the sources used for this paper), consistent use of 5th edition APA format, and include references concerning usefulness of theory from which concept loneliness was derived. Primary references reflect current thinking about concept loneliness. A minimum of 5 references, with at least 3 within the past 5 years are required. Writing tips: consistent use of gender-free plurals; consistent past tense for review of literatur; appropriate use of that & which;; repeated use of nouns to avoid this that those it; avoid personification; increased use of paraphrasing & citation of multiple authors with fewer direct quotes; consistent use of headings & subheadings with at least 2 paragraphs per page; consistent use of authors last names only & consistent use of full spelling to avoid abbreviations.