Concept note is designed to allow you to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts that are dealt with during the delivery of the module.

For this module you will use the Concept note to demonstrate that you understand the fundamental differences between research philosophies. Specifically, you will articulate your understanding by comparing and contrasting the relevance of Positivism v Interpretivism for business research. You should identify a business research area/issue that you feel would make an interesting topic for your Research Proposal (the second element of assessment for this module) and demonstrate how this topic area could be explored using the positivistic and interpritivistic approaches to conducting research.

As i have submitted the document for introduce my work.And i also want to let you know, the topic must be related to business and management.The topic is not important for this assignment. The work need to be able to demonstrate my understanding of positivism and interpretivism and apply both research philosophies to the topic.

If you have any question about this work, just ask me straight away. I will also give my seminar and lecture notes to help you to do it.

Referencing Requirements:
books and online articles