Concept of the  persona for Alan Cooper

Critically assess Alan Cooper s concept of the  persona as a means of identifying human factors requirements in software development. The report should contain:

” Introduction and aim  clear concise and relevant.(200 word min)

” Description of the  persona approach  clear, concise and standalone.(200 word min)

” Presentation of evidence relating to the  persona as an approach  evidence of research and assessment of the student s own experience.(425 words min)

” Critical assessment  the assessment itself should be thorough, objective, justified and useful (in the sense that it would help a professional to determine the validity and usefulness of the persona concept).(425 words min)

” Scholarship  appropriate and correct use of references, assessment of evidence and justification of conclusions.(200 word min)

” Reflection on the exercise  the development of insight, and transferable learning, relating to the concept of the  persona in identifying interaction requirements.(300 words min)

1. The Book : The Inmates are running the asylum the author: alan cooper
2. Any other online document for Presentation of evidence relating to the  persona concept for alan cooper.