Concepts and elements of the engineering lifecycle Vee

Essay Use the concepts and elements of the engineering lifecycle Vee (sometimes written as i??Vi??), to explain how and why systems engineers consider verification and validation to be a core concept for minimizing total project and system costs.

It will pass through, so do NOT include any extraneous materials or formatting that would increase your plagiarism score. In particular, do NOT include the questions in your submitted response document.

Response essays should be typed single-spaced, with a blank line between paragraphs. Page margins should be one inch on all sides. Your writing should be in a 10or 12-point font, and be left justified on the page. Points will be deducted for poor writing, bad grammar, or misspellings.

While the exam questions might lend themselves to several viewpoints or perspectives, your responses should primarily demonstrate your thinking as a system engineer. Your responses need to find an appropriate balance between comprehensive and concise. Stick to the main points, and avoid wandering around the topics.

Maximize the extent to which your writing is in your own words. Minimize quotations, and do NOT use any diagrams or figures. Your responses should reflect your own thinking and consideration of each question.