Concepts that have been covered in Managerial Economics

This course is a study of the use of economic theory in managing the organization. Students will develop the ability to apply economic analysis to the solution of problems faced by management and understand the economic basis for business policies and key economic concepts that can serve as a framework for business decisions, linear programming, forecasting and economic modeling of financial investments. Emphasis is placed on understanding how economic modeling is used to make decisions on price, output, investment, and related matters, and the consequences of economic decisions.

Write a 3 page paper that uses concepts that have been covered in this class and how they can be applied to your current or future position and life. You can use your current job or the position you hope to attain after receiving your degree. Please use at least 4-6 concepts and explain the practical application in your life. This paper should be written in 1st person (but all other aspects should meet the APA guidelines)

I am an accountant.