Conceptual framework can be easily developed for accounting”. Critically evaluate this statement and provide examples to illustrate your answer.

i need an essay that covers the above question in detail.
it should be detailed but at the same time up to 1750 words.
i need proper refrencing and bibliography.
use of different accounting journals and famouse books is essential, as i need quotation with dates and etc. such as macve 1981, solomons 1986, hines 1991, godfrey 2000,
it should not be in any way copy and pasted , except the quotations which need to be refrenced properly.
i will have to submit the essay on a uni software before handing it in to ensure its not plagarised.
my lecturer has a phd herself so she needs to like my paper.
the flow of english needs to be clear, no gramatical errors and etc..
no headings pls.
the essay has to start with an intro as im sure u already know, talk about accounting as a whole. then go on to explaining what conceptual frame work is, how is was made and the rest. what are its cons.not forgetting to mention the true and fair value.

the essay should be in a sence that we she reads it, it would be in my own words; not too basic and not hard either.

i am usually good at writting my own essays, but am going through a difficult time right now and cant think stratight.
so hopefully i wont be let down. i need at least a 2:1.