Conceptualize a hypothetical information system project

assignment is to conceptualize a hypothetical information system project and describe its context and purpose. You can design the project for your own organization, an organization that you or someone you know is familiar with, or even for your own imaginary business. Remember, you need to consider both key aspects of information systems -namely information requirements and development methodology.

If you have difficulties dreaming up such a project, you can go someplace interesting or where you already know the people. Spend maybe a half-hour looking at how information is used there. Identify all of the information resources that people are using. Talk to the people if you can. Where do they get the information they use? How do they use it? What other kinds of information might they find useful? What could they do with it? What kinds of futuristic information services would be useful to them? If you are constrained by location and cannot go to interesting places, you might think of a virtual place such as an online forum, or a portal site, etc., and imagine what information services could be helpful to the users there. You may even email to some of the users to obtain additional information if you would like. Or you can simply think what futuristic information services would be useful and successful to an existing organization.

Once youve got a pretty solid idea about the project youd like to formulate, please prepare a 2 page paper describing your hypothetical information system project.

Make sure to include:

what the project is about including bounderies
what information gathering you see as needed to make it work
how the information will be USED for system requirements
what are the key features of the organizational context of the project
why the project is useful
why the project will be successful