Concert report(Faculty Recital Charles Neidich, clarinet, and Jon Klibonoff, piano)

classical music concert
1) give some background and explain the basic details of the concert you attended;
a. who was perfoming and where the concert took place
b. what genre or performance medium was involved? for example, was ensempble that was performing a symphony orchestra, a chamber music conert, a chorus, a solo pianist, a voice recital, an orchestra plus a featured soloist or choir, a combination of different types of ensembles, etc.

c. what was on the program? who were the composers, and what pieces of theirs did they play?
d. in the music that was performed, which periods in music history were represented? ex) classical, remantic, baroque, modern, inmpressionist, post-modern, and so on.

ii) focus on one of the pieces performed on the program and discuss both its history, and content(to the best of your ability)
A. when was in written? was it a work of the composers youth, middle years or old age or something in between those catagories. a question like this is bssed on fact, and maybe a little math.
B. was there anything noteworthy going on in the composers life at the time of its writing? was this work dedicated to, inspired by, or modeled on a piece by another great composer.
c. was it an inspired piece that was written very quickly, or was it more of a long and drawn-out process with lots of revising an rewriting? this question is not meant to be an expression of your own personal opinion. it should be based on decoumented evedence found in your research into the piece in question
d. was it one lonn and continous piece, or was it broken up into separate movement? briefly, describe the character of the peice of of the indivedual separate movements in terms of tempo, mood, tonality(or lack of), texture, and form.

# Faculty Recital Charles Neidich, clarinet, and Jon Klibonoff, piano
Manhattan School of Music: Miller Recital Hall

COPLAND: Piano Sonata
BRAHMS: Clarinet Sonata No. 1 in F Minor, op. 120
REGER: Clarinet Sonata in A-flat Major, op. 49, no. 1
SCHOENFIELD: Four Souvenirs