Concise History of the Third Reichby Wolfgang Benz (2007)

I do not have the book for this review, however I trust that you will use your expertise to get this assignment done. its only four pages.


The book review is an essay about a book, not a report on the same subject as the book in question. The reader of a review should come away with a clear uunderstanding of all the main topics discussed in the book and the amount of detail provided by the author. He/she should also understand the authors thesis conclusion, and the author opinion of about the main topics discussed. DO NOT COPY AND PAST FROM ANOTHER book review online. Also provide your opinion of whether or not was worth reading. The evaluation should be HALF the report. What are the strengths and weaknesses? Was the thesis proven? Was the authorss argument convincing. why or why not? what new information did the reader gain from the book?