Conclusion of Mindfulness, professionalism, and healing”

You can either address both topic 1 and topic 2 below, or zero in on one of the topics in more depth

Topic 1: Healing and Empathy: Draw from this weeks assigned material to begin to craft a definition of empathy. Some questions to explore are: what effects does empathy have on the person who feels empathy for others? Can this feeling be instrumental in helping heal another? How? does empathy have a down side? (You dont need to answer all of these questions. Focus on your chosen examples and what they illustrate.)

Topic 2: Professionalism and Healing: We meet up with a number of professionals who are focused on properly doing their job in this units assignments. Most of them are physicians, though not all. Each of these different characters has his or her own way of handling professional duties. In a number of cases, the attitudes beliefs and practices tied to professional identity come into conflict with other realities. Look at how professional identity operates in two or more of this weeks assignments. Is it a help or a hindrance to practicing the art of healing? Does it serve to strengthen character, or hinder character development? What examples can you point to where a character successfully balances professional identity, personal identity, and moral responsibilities? In what examples are those out of balance?