Condition monitoring, fault diagnosis, fault classification or fiding fault for machenary

can you write as I organize the chapter in title and subtitles in file word processor(chapter six)
please use the same accounting of my number of pages that I determined.

First I would like to give you attention that I have used vibration data from reciprocating air compressor
So all the text explanations should be about the vibration in reciprocating air compressor. I know there is no enough papers talking in this specific field (vibration from air reciprocating compressor) but you can use the vibration from bearing or gears.
I will provide you some papers you will use them to write from them and you can use another papers from you and please use the new references.
Also I will provide you my paper that I already published in this area only use them as a guide for you but do not use them for references.

This chapter will be a general view of different Artificial Intelligent (AI) method and their applications in CM.
Please remember that you need provide what is the method, its typical applications and its advantages and disadvantages.
In my work in this thesis I have used:
Neural network with PNN for fault classification and feature extraction
Genetic algorithms for feature selection
Support vector machine for fault classification
(Please focus on neural network especially with PNN algorithm , Genetic algorithms for feature selection and Support vector machine for fault classification
At the end we need mention that why you just choose some of them for my work.((