Conditions of enslavement and resistance by the women in barbados

required book

a? Beckles, Hilary McD.. (1989). Natural Rebels: A Social History of Enslaved
Black Women in Barbados. Zed Books Ltd.

Discuss the conditions of enslavement, and resistance against these conditions by
Women in Barbados.

This paper should be written in free writing style. DO NOT write the paper by simply answering the questions sequentially. The questions are intended to guide your thinking process and to guide through composing a well structured CRITICAL REVIEW.

a? How were enslaved women perceived on the plantation?

a? In what ways were the conditions of enslavement distinctly different for African women?

a? In what ways was the experience of chattel slavery particularly dehumanizing for

a? Does the idea that house slaves lived a preferable lifestyle hold true in light of Beckleas discussion?

a? Discuss the loss of reproductive rights as a distinct feature of female enslavement.

a? In what ways did women resist their enslavement? How did these patterns differ from their male counterparts?

a? How did the various acts of resistance counter the dehumanizing effect of their enslavement?

As a reader I am open to many styles of writing. However, some key components should be included in your paper.

Position statement: It should be made very clear what the point of your paper is. In other words, decide what you are going to write about, what your position is on the topic and STATE IT CLEARLY.
Evidence of Reading: Your paper should include well positioned quotes and references to the text. Use the text to illustrate, support and defend your position.
Analysis: The point of this paper is not just to read the book and write a paper. The point is to have you think about the female experience of enslavement. Donat wait for the conclusion; include your thoughts, reflections, questions and other cognitive response to the material.

Please Note:
A§ Students are expected to support their responses with specific examples from the text.
A§ Students may utilize other sources to support their perspective.