Conduct a literature review on how projects are controlled??

marks will be given for an extensively researched, well analysed and argued piece with a good structure and use of plain english.
note that the essay should have the following 6 sections:
introwhat the esseay is about
methodologyhow the date for the assignement was collected
literature riviewthis is the theoritical part, what you need to explain, what the literature says about success and projects, you need to summerise the literature review, from the summery you identify the key issues and from this you draw a list of issues on how projects are controlled.
main findingsthis is where you outline the main th findings and then discuss your findings with the literature review.
summaruy and conclusion-
referencesuse the hrward system of referencing.

im a 3rd year student studying business economics, and im doing a PROJECT Management module. when considering the projects, everything needs to be considered, i,e RISK, PEOPLE, TIME, COST, etc.
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