Confession of an Erstwhile child/a child of divorce

I would like a four page essay compare and contrast. The two topics Im using is called a child of divorce by Celia Rothenberg taking from the book little brown reader page 185. The other story is confession of an Erstwhile child written by anonymous page 167 the little brown reader. Instructions, introduction: with summary and thesis statement. Multiple paragraphs that develop and support claim made in thesis statement all paragraph should begin with a clear topic sentence that relates back to thesis statement. conclusion: wrap up summarize essential claim move from specific to broader future oriented ideas what is at stake here what can you predict. Paper should be formatted according to MLB standard: 12 point, times new roman, double space throughout, do not skip extra lines between paragraph, center essay do not bold underl italicize keep writing formal and academic present tense and third person cite sources correctly throughout paper and include a work cited page. A five paragraph essay