Configuring, communicating and delivering value

The intro and summary need to be added. The assignment needs to adapted to involve the first assignment, the target market is the target market from the first assignment. You will find the first assignment attached

Follow the criteria set out in the attached document. Do not include a conclusion, I will add that afterwards.

The first assignment that is reffered to was also wrote by
standard harvard style referencing.

Gabbot, Mark, (2004,) Introduction to Marketing, A value exchange approach, Pearson Education Australia (a division of Pearson Australia Group Pty Ltd.)


Configuring, communicating and delivering value

This assignment follows on from the 1st assignment. In the first assignment you gained an understanding of your target markets value needs. You will now use this understanding to help you configure, communicate and deliver value to your target market.
Section 1: Introduction (100 words)
To refresh the markers memory, identify the offering you used for the first assignment and briefly summarise the needs and characteristics of your target market.
Section 2: Configuring Value
How will you go about defining your offering and setting a price for it?
Section 3: Communicating Value
How will you go about communicating the value of your offering?
Section 4: Delivering Value
How will you use marketing channels to deliver value?
Section 5: Conclusion
Conclusion should be a concise 200 word summary of Sections 2-4.
3,000 words in total
I will upload the 1st assignment.
This is urgent~So have to be finish within 48 hours.