Conflict in a case study about conflict intervention in somalia from1992 to 2010.

conflict in

a case study about conflict intervention in somalia from1992 to 2010. use below criteria On marking

Marks will be awarded for

* A coherent argument.
* A well-organised dissertation.
* Rich data and connections to theoretical approaches.
* Critical and independent thinking.
* Careful and analytical use of the literature

Marks will be lost for

* Failing to demonstrate an adequate theoretical framework
* Carrying out work which is insufficient for this level of work
* Failing to make a coherent argument.
* Poor organisation of the data.
* Poor data.
* Carelessness in attributing your sources.
* Poor referencing; concern over adequate citations and the source of these citations.
* Grammatical errors which are extreme beyond questions of English Language competence.

Note on essay no.1 a case study about conflict intervention in somalia in between 1992 to 2010. 3,5

In this essay you are required to chose and critically analyse a conflict or post-conflict situation, applying the knowledge and concepts discussed in class so far. Make sure that the conflict you are discussing is a Complex Political Emergency (CPE) rather than a Cold War period conflict or a civil war (i.e. a conflict that does not target civilians and produce refugee movements, cause a collapse of the state, and/or has many warring parties).

This essay is as any other essay, thus, requires you to demonstrate that you did research and know the relevant literature on your specific conflict, but also on more general issues related to the matters of intervention, humanitarian assistance, and development.

In your essay, you may want to chose to focus on:

* Route causes of the conflict and how these led to a cycle of violence, discussing the type(s) of international response/intervention/attention it received and what went wrong with it.
* Post-conflict moment, type of problems the society is facing and what types of assistance are there to help the process of recovery, are these adequate or not, what are the problems etc.

I hope this helps you think about your work and well Cited structured essay .