Conflict management module 2 case assignment

The Organization and Conflict

Organizations have developed structured models to facilitate decision-making, for nearly all aspects and functions, pertaining to their business world. It was only a matter of time, before organizations would continue this trend and develop a structured model for dealing with conflict.

The basis of a good model, is that it takes into consideration the major factors and players affecting the subject of the model.

Jessica Jameson has done just that, and in her article (below), she presents a comprehensive picture of the sources and conflict resolution strategies, within an organization.

The Case Assignment

Please read Jameson, J. K. (1999). Toward a comprehensive model for the assessment and management of intra-organizational conflict: Developing the framework. International Journal of Conflict Management; Bowling Green; Jul 1999; Abstract: This paper presents the theoretical rationale for further development of a model for the assessment and management of intra-organizational conflict. The purpose of such a model would be to assist employees, managers, human resource practitioners and external service providers in selecting the most appropriate conflict management strategy for a given conflict. It is suggested that a contingency-based model of strategy selection must include attention to characteristics of the conflict, desired outcomes of the participants and awareness of available conflict management strategies. By expanding the range of conflicts and conflict management strategies typically included within a single model, the framework presented forms the basis of a comprehensive model for dealing with intra-organizational conflict. (wil upload article)

After carefully reading through the Module background material, and PART I (up to the sub-section titled: Desired Outcomes”) of this article , please answer (in about 3 pages), the following questions:

How does the Author characterize the sources of conflict within an organization?

Is it important or necessary in an organization, to understand these sources of conflict, as we have an autocratic structure that can impose a resolution?