Conflict requiring conflict management;your manager takes you to the office to talk to you about an error.she starts shouting at you

I am required to submit a 500-word response to the above scenario.Considering the scenario will give you an opportunity to help demonstrate how you could use conflict management theory in your thinking and actions.Try to take into account;your viewpoint,the viewpoint of others involved in the scenario,must reference your work and link also communication skills.consider questions such as the following;what do you think is happening here?what assumptions are being made?does it matter?what are the implications for your responsibilities as amanager?what are the implications for others involved?how would you approach the situation(short term/long term)?any links with other areas of this course e.g.communication skills? books read are The best of ADAIR on leadership&management2008,Leardership&management in nursing,anita w.finkelman2006,Leardership in nursing,collen wedderburn tate2002,Effective leadership and management in nursing2009Elanor j.sullivan,Phillip j.decker