Conflict resolution in conjunction with presentation.

1.Critically evaluate the process of delivering change within organisations.
2.Systematically review current literature on the process of managing strategic change.
3.Critically identify and appraise existing best practice and implementation of strategic change management.
4.Assess and critically review methods of monitoring impacts upon the implementation of change management over a pre-determined time scale for an Integrated Risk Management Plan.
UK Fire and Rescue services are required by law to make arrangements to deal with certain non-fire emergencies such as road traffic collisions, provision for other types of incident such as water rescue, animal rescue etc is a matter of choice. Where, however, any response is made irrespective of the incident
nature other obligations arise including the health and safety of staff, a duty of care to the public and operational effectiveness.

There are some members of your staff who are of the opinion that Fire & Rescue services should only fulfil their legal obligations by only responding to incidents that are outlined in the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004. However, public and moral expectations are that the Fire and Rescue Service should respond to all foreseeable eventualities, irrespective of whether or not there is appropriate legislation.

In your role as a manager you are tasked with ensuring that your Fire & Rescue Service meets public expectations. You will need to change the views of your staff to ensure that expectations are met. To do this you need to produce a report on how you intend to do this, specifically your report needs to review current current literature of managing strategic change and evaluates the process of delivering change. You will also need to appraise existing best practice and suggest ways in which the impact of change can be monitored.
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