Congressinal committee hearing simulation

We will run two separate simulation of a hearing by the senate judiciary committeeas subcommittee on immigration, refugees and the border security. In the hearing, the subcommittee will consider a bill creating a temporary guest work visa program. Outlining the view of the individual or organization you will play on this piece of legislation. You need to research the character you will be playing so you understand his or her motivations. This will require that you spend some time researching the individual and organizations that you haven been assigned. When writing the essay, you should address the following question.

1 what interest does you organization or you as an elected official represent? What would your constituencyremember that organizationas have constituencies too want you to say about on this bill?
2 has you organization or individual you are playing ever taken public positions or voted on similar types of legislation? Is there any reason to expect them to vote different on this onei?Y

3 if you are playing an elected official, you need to explain and defend 1 significant amendment that you would like to make to the legislation being considered note; a legislative amendment is simply a change to bill. Once you have identified an amendment, tell me which members of your committee are likely to support it.

4 if you are playing an organization, it is quite possible that the leaders of your organization would like to see the legislation amended to make it weaker or stronger. What kind of amendment would you organization like to see? Regardless of whether your organization is for or against the piece of legislation, you should offer at least 1 significant amendment note; a legislative amendment is simply a change to bill to it. Even if you organization simply wants to kill the legislation, you still need to offer an amendment just in case you are not successful in getting the bill killed sometimes the best an organization can do is to alter a bill to make its effects less painful . Once you have figured this out, you need ti tell me which members of the subcommittee are most likely to agree with this amendment and would be willing to offer the amendment in the mark-up session witnesses can not officially offer amendments.

senator :
Dick Durbin