Connect events in F. Scott Fitzgeralds life with situations and events in The Great Gatsby

the beginning of the paper needs to provide about 2 no more than 3 pages of biographical information concerning F.Scott Fitzgreald. The paper must contain at least 1 direct quote from The Great Gatsby. The paper is to be completely paraphrased from the critics nothing to be in my opinion at all in this paper. Do not use google or any similar search sites at all. Also need a minimum of 6 sources in my work cited entries. There does not need to be a title page on the first page on the top left hand corner needs to be the following my name on the first line which is Matthew Flower the next line needs to be my teachers name which is Mr.Kester, the third line needs to say Comp 2 and the forth line needs to say 11/22/11, than once that is included the papers topic than can begin. and lastly i need on the top of every page in the top right hand corner my last name Flower and the page number.