Connect imperialism with the women movement :suffrage movement, the rise of women, in England

connect imperialism with the women movement :suffrage movement, the rise of women, in England

* Historians, as far as possible, base their work on  primary sources  those produced by people involved in the historical situation under study  with help from analytical  secondary sources.
* We create new historical knowledge from new primary sources, new interpretations, and new methodologies.
* We create knowledge, often studying limited and specific historical circumstances, but usually attempting to contribute to a body of knowledge and analysis on a wider theme. This is often referred to as the  so what factor  why is your analysis of this particular individual, event, or localized process important in a broader context?
* As with any essay assignment, your task is to construct an interpretation, based on the historical evidence you can find, that is accessible and convincing to a reader who is intelligent but unfamiliar with all but the broadest facts of the historical situation you are studying.

Your paper may be on any topic covering an aspect of the history of imperialism i.e. anything covered by the course s broad scope. In choosing a topic, you need to consider whether it will be sufficiently limited in geography, time, and theme to be manageable, whether you are likely to be able to find primary and secondary sources on it, and whether it will allow you to construct an interesting and persuasive interpretation. You should attempt to find and use as much primary evidence as you can.
You MUST have at least 1 primary source! and 6 secondary sources, only 1 can be an internet source
list of your major primary and secondary sources and site them properly throughout your reaseacrch paper . Please separate primary and secondary sources on the bibliography page. You should have at least one primary source (and probably more). You should also have at least six secondary sources, the majority of which should be scholarly books; you may list no more than one internet resource; and at least one should be an article from a scholarly journal (online full-text databases such as JStor and EBSCO do not count as internet resources). The bibliography should conform to a standard MLA citation feminism and imperialism had a very ambivalent relationsip many feminists were arch-imperialists and racists, partly because they felt that the racial hierarchy might outwqeigh the sexual one, but some saw discrimination against women and the fundamental racism of colonial society as two sides of the same coin.”