Connecticut Yankee and Alice: Logic, paradigms, and Human Nature

Write an essay in which you discuss Twains and Carrolls ideas on human nature and paradigm shift.
use some of the questions below to guide and direct your essay. Youll need to come up with your own unique thesis on this topic, and then of course, support your argument with the text. Be sure that you are using both novels in your discussion and that youre making connections with the real world.
Your paradigm is so intrinsic to your mental process that you are hardly aware of its existence until you try to communicate with someone with a different paradigm.”–Donella Meadows
( Teachers prompt)-You already wrote about Hanks impact on Camelot and whether you found his influence ultimately beneficial or detrimental. He was seeing Arthurs England through a completely different paradigm. He felt that the people around him used no discernible logic.
in response, Hank felt that he should take advantage of these people with his advanced knowledge. How does his differing paradigm allow him to see things differently and to his advantage? How does he fail to see? Similarly, Alice is placed within a world that works with a completely different set of rules. How does she try to apply her set of values and logic to the world around her? How do people in the real world deal with displacement? Is it human nature to force others to bend to our version of reality/ Do we have a tendency to force our worldview instead of learning/respecting others? Is this a metaphor for colonization? When is it appropriate to push others to an alternate viewpoint? what might have been a better approach for our protagonists?