Connection between language,culture and identity

I have attached three articles , which are Hall article 1 and Hall article 2 and Woodward article 3 I want you to analyse and describe Halls two articles number 1 and 2. So, I want you to concentrate on the relationship between language, culture and identity according to Hall s discussions in his articles 1 and 2. When you analyse and describe Halls article 1and 2 use Halls two articles itself as a references, for example use citation from Halls two articles to support your analysing and describing for Halls two articles.In addition I want you to use Woodward article 3 as a reference to support your writing when you analyse and describe Halls article 1 and 2. Therefore pay attention to the following criteria:
1- You have to use simple words and your own words suitable to the level an international student(master).
2- You have to increase the number of in-text referencing (Harved system) and to support your writing, you have to use more than two in-text referencing in each paragraph , I mean from Halls two articles (1 and 2).and Woodward as well.
3- You have to analyse and describe the important and main issues in Halls two articles (1and2). Such as concentrating on relationship between language, culture and identity.
Use an example from my own life (I am from Arabic Muslim culture and now I live in Australia) and from your reading (but not from the articles written by Stuart Hall) to illustrate this connection. Please adopt this example because this example from my own experience. The example is :in 2005 I was an interpreter for the Australian army in south of Iraq,(military training centre, in this camp the mission of the Australian army was to train the new Iraqi army. One day there was a conference between Iraqi officers and Australian offices, when the Iraqi offices met each others ,they greeted each other by shaking hands and kissing each others. This situation was strange for the Australian officers. At that time I have explained for the Australian officers that this kind of greeting is accepted and normal to our culture. One day, an Australian officer gave me a gift , I said thanks , I was surprised because he was waiting and looking at me. At that time I was confused for a short time till he asked me ( why you don t open the gift?). I explained to him thats immoral to open the gift in front of u. later on I make sense that it is accepted according to his culture.please rearrange these example according to your own words.
4- In the introduction, you should write a general idea about language, culture and identity according to Hall, please use in-text referencing and then connect it to halls discussion in his two articles..
Please follow the criteria :

a. Hall argues that language, identity and cultural difference are closely connected. Describe how he thinks they are connected and why he thinks this is important.

. Does Hall?¦s explanation of the connection between language, identity and cultural difference help you to interpret the event you describe? How? In what ways? Are there important issues that Hall?¦s work fails to address? What are they?

Assessment criteria
Theoretical aspect
Hall argues that language, identity and cultural difference are intimately connected.
Have you managed to convey the complexity of their interrelationship?
Describe a specific context in which the connection between language, identity and cultural difference has been important in your experience.
relevance of the description (and all elements included)
detail of description
Have you made connections between the concrete details of your description and the larger issues with which Hall is concerned?
To what extent have you placed the experiences which you have described in a critical perspective?
Is there evidence of a reflexive approach in the discussion
Presentation (structure and expression) and referencing
You must cite any articles that you reference.
i attached them